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6 Facts Why M-tickets are What Customers Need


Mobile ticketing trends swiftly push forward different businesses. Many think that mobile booking and ticketing pay off for travel industry only. Still, it is no longer so.


Mobile ticketing systems are now actively extending to transportation, concerts, sporting events, cinemas, theatres, and more.


Will your customers use a mobile booking system? The answer is YES! Here are 6 reasons why.


1. 24/7 available…anywhere, anytime


Mobile ticketing allows the users to make booking and buy tickets from anywhere, at any time. No matter if they need it in the middle of the night, during holidays or at a business meeting. What is even more important is that the customers have an unlimited access to the tickets information, like changes in ticket price (esp. important for transportation and travelling industries), users’ reviews and many more.


2. Online payments


People want the payment experience to be simple and on demand. Payment systems inside mobile app give it to them. The research shows that by 2025, 75% of all transactions will be made without cash. The primary reason for this boost is the increased speed of checkout process. Besides, customers can buy tickets wherever they are, and even on the go.

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3. Simplicity


Adobe Digital Insights report says that 65% of mobile app users cite the ‘simplification of tasks’ as the most important trigger for mobile travel experience.


Besides, what makes mobile booking even more convenient and handy is that m-tickets don’t need to be printed. They are simply displayed on a screen. The validation of your ticket is usually carried out with the use of barcode or QR-code reader.
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FlixBus mobile app displays the tickets directly on the phone for validation


4. Safety


The great thing about m-tickets is their security. They can’t be stolen or lost. There is also no place for gambling or fraudulent activity. The users, instead have 100% access to their tickets whenever they want it. Even if a mobile ticket purchase confirmation was lost, it could be easily resent/ replaced.


5. Loyalty program


The users want be rewarded for the loyalty they give to your business. Within mobile app you can give it to them: discount and promo cods, airlines miles (for traveling industry), coupons and etc.


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6. Control over the process


With the mobile booking either the business owner or the app users benefit from the process of interaction with it. The users are able to book the tickets at their convenience, find the dates and times that work best for them. If a user canceled the ticket, other customers automatically receive chance to book it. By maximizing the reservations, business owners would use the activity spots to the full.


In many aspects of our lives, mobile has taken over. Customers are forming high expectations about your business and the convenience you offer while interacting with them in mobile world.


Traditional way of carrying out some tasks, like booking and purchasing are being rapidly replaced with new technologies.


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No say that mobile ticketing systems represent a win-win strategy. The users receive a convenient and engaging way of interaction with your service. While, your business gain users’ engagement, reservation maximization, sales increase, insight of your customers’ preferences and many more.


The use of mobile ticketing systems is manifold. It makes them ideal for businesses of all types and sizes. Interested in developing mobile ticketing app for your business? Contact us to rocket the market with an outstanding mobile app that would meet all the requirements of sophisticated audience.


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