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App Development Checklist: What to Remember before Deployment


Congratulations, you’ve recently developed a promising app for your business. Now, you’re getting ready to submit this mobile app to the Store. You believe you have a well-established strategy. Still, is it really so good?


It makes no difference whether you’re not familiar with app development, or if you have dozens of apps in the store, you need a certain plan to be successful. In case you miss something important, it could cost you downloads and revenue.


On the basis of our development experience, we’ve worked up an app development checklist that would help you to prepare your application for store submission and minimize the chances it falls through.


1. Make sure your application is ready.

Your application is ready not at that point when the last line of code is written. Before submitting the app to the Store, it should be several times tested. Ideally, you should test your application on as many physical iOS devices as you can.


2. Select primary, secondary and sub-categories for your app.


3. Choose the name for your application.

Should be limited to 30 characters and should not include prices, terms, or descriptions that are not the name of the app.


4. Choose app’s subtitle.


iOS 11 brings subtitles to the apps. They will appear bellow the app name and can be up to 30 characters long. It’s not clear yet, but we strongly believe that it will influence the app store optimization too.


5. Write app description.


3 key points you should certainly grasp in the description field: 1) what your app is; 2) what it does; 3) how it helps the users.


6. Add app’s screenshots and video.


Screenshots should reflect the app’s core experience and functionality. Show the app in use, instead of displaying log-in screen and splash screens.


7. Link your app to the website and support email.


8. Decide on price model: would the app be paid or free.


If your app implies in-app purchasing, Apple requires you to specify that in the description field.


With iOS 11, the in-app purchases will receive their own promotional images/screenshots and description lines in App Store, so this is the additional checkpoint to consider.


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This is a brief app development checklist for submitting your application to the App Store. In the field, it requires a more extensive and detailed preparation. If you need help with the submitting the application to the App Store, contact our team here.
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