Developing a mobile application: where to start?

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Developing a mobile application: where to start?


The first thing you should have at the very beginning is an idea. A clear idea of an application, which solves a specific problem or will bring value to people.
The next thing you need to know is the goals and missions of your application.


1. The goal is what users can do with your application, for example, share news, connect and communicate with other people, purchase some services, etc.


2. Mission is understanding at a high level of the goal of the application, why you create it and a strategic vision for the growth of applications.


3. It is important to find out who your target audience is. This will help you and developers to create an application that will fully meet your expectations and user needs.


4. After you solve these questions, you can create prototypes for your application or hire a UI / UX designer. Most importantly, you should be able to visualize your application, so that developer can see it the way you see it. The main thing is to visualize all the functions of the application visually, so that the developer can see it as you see. This is one of the most important steps, because at this stage you are creating the basis for your application. All global changes at later will require large investments.


5. Next, you can start looking for a developer company. Best of all, if before starting the work developer learns from you the idea of the application, its purpose and mission, will see the design, and will read a document that describes all the functions of the application. In this case, the developer will accurately understand what is needed from him. If you want your future application to be estimated by several companies, you need to collect all this information, select the companies you like and plan short phone calls to present the general idea and answer the main questions. This will save your time.


If you do not want to disclose your application’s idea, you can always sing an NDA with an outsourcing company.


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When choosing a contractor (outsourcing company), pay attention to a team’s cooperativeness, because success of your application depends on that. Look how if they understand you, how managers communicate with you, whether they adapt to a timeline convenient for you.


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