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Guitar Tuner App [case study]


About one in five people in the world knows to play guitar.


At ElateSoftware, one in four plays this string instrument. Thus, it was not a surprise our developer, moreover guitarist and songwriter of Mastihin band, in his free time developed the app that eases the tuning of instruments.


YourTuner is the app for an accurate tune of musical instruments, esp. guitars. The app offers high-precision guitar tuning – 0.1-0.05 Hz. Works with either chromatic or polyphonic mode.


guitar tuner app

In general, there are 2 principle approaches to tune the guitar. The first one is to use camertone tuning fork and manually set the pitch for each string (requires extra listening). The 2nd – with the help of app tuner, like YourTuner. Unlike the first approach, the second one is handy for newcomers too.


How does it work?


Once a user launches YourTuner app, it automatically accesses the smartphone microphone. The app ‘listens’ as the player hits a string and shows them how much the current sounding differs from the initial one. Tune the string until the circle on the scale is in the middle. This means that the string is tuned. Repeat the exact same process on other strings.


Besides, the app allows you to tune the instrument by ear. Press the camerton button. You get 6 more scales that correspond 6 strings. By pressing on each scale there is the sound of the relevant pitch of the note.


guitar tuner app

Andrey, YourTuner developer:
“Ever since I started playing guitar, I faced the problem of keeping it in tune. The available by that time apps had a range of drawbacks, i.e. intrusive ads, the lack of camertone, slow responsiveness, or required payment. Thus, I came to the idea of making my own tuner without abovementioned limitations”.
As the result, the app received a neat and user-friendly design. Now, it is available for Android devices only.




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