как выбрать правильного разработчика

How to choose the right developer for a mobile app


Choosing a mobile application developer is a difficult task, it’s very important not make mistakes because the future of your application depends on it. You need to find a company that will perform quality work and on time.


Suppose you found information regarding companies on the Internet, analyzed various ratings, consulted with acquaintances, who faced the same problem, and compiled a list of candidates.


In order to finalize your choice we advise you to keep in mind the following criteria:


1. Feedback support


The speed of responses is very important, if you sent something and no one answers for 1-2 working days, then you should think about switching the company. Quality feedback is one of the first signs of a top level company, because it shows that the company values every customer.


2. Website, Portfolio


If the developer has a site with an incomprehensible interface, a bad design or site does not exist then it is at least strange. When you visit the site, carefully look through the portfolio, see if the company has experience developing applications with similar functionality. Also, check whether they have an experience uploading applications to Play Market and AppStore.


3. Availability of reviews


Read customer testimonials those can be very useful to you. However, it is worth considering that the reviews on the site are not always true, so it is better to ask the developer for customer contacts, which can personally tell you about the cooperation with this company.


4. Your participation in the project


It is not great to monitor each step of the developer, however you can not let it go by itself, so learn in advance how much you will be involved in the project, how you can participate in the development process and monitor the fulfillment of tasks.


5. Communication by Skype


Video communication will reveal a lot to you. You can look at the person with whom you will work, talk to management, make sure that this is a solid company. You can also ask to show the office and see how many employees and who is going to be responsible for your project.


6. Showing interest in your project


When you tell the developer the idea of your project an experienced company will offer you different solutions based on their experience as wells as tell you what will work and what will not.


7. Does the company complete the development cycle


The development of a mobile application is not limited to programming only. It includes evaluation of the project, drafting of the technical requirements, design of the application, testing and uploading to Play Market or AppStore.


8. Application Support


Clarify whether the company provides warranty and technical support for the application after it is handed over. As a rule, the guarantee is provided free of charge, and an additional agreement is concluded for technical support, but there are companies that provide free support for 1-3 months after the delivery of the application.


9. Cost


If you want to get quality working application, you can not choose a company based on price, it will bring you more issues than good. Use this criterion if after analyzing all the others, you are left with several equal companies. In addition include the cost of the expenses in the development process, including the purchase of accounts in the Play Market or AppStore.


10. Contract and terms of payment


A good option is to split the project into stages with prepayment and postpay at each stage. This scheme protects both the interests of the customer and the interests of the developer. Before the development, the company must provide you with a contract. Typically, the developer has a template of the contract and if you want to make corrections to it you must specify this in advance.


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