How to Create Successful App

How to Create Successful App?


What we should have in mind is that creating a mobile application is not the same as to make a cake. There is no one and only recipe that ensure the success of your app.


Nevertheless, don’t hurry up on passing by this blog post. There are some principle strategies that would help you to understand the essence of a popular app.


So what makes a successful app… successful? Here are 3 tips for it.


Create idea first.


Why would anyone use my app?


The answer to this question largely identifies the success of the app.


Generally, there are 2 possible strategies the developers pursue:


• to give a unique value to the users by doing something that’s never been done before,


• or to enhance the app idea that already exists (that’s why there are hundreds of reader/fitness/calendar/etc apps)


Truly unique mobile applications appear today once in a blue moon. Probably, the last one was the game Pokémon Go that made a huge fuss with its AR feature. It isn’t easy to come with an impressive unique app, but if you do, you would likely to rocket the market.


Want to develop another fitness/shopping app? Focus on a specific feature. Take a solution that already exists and make it better, safer, faster or easier. Make the difference, do not make clones.


Each of these strategies works well as long as it solves users’ problems and meets their goals.


Make hype.


Having an app with a good idea is not enough. Marketing strategy can either ruin your mobile app or bring a huge success to it.


There are multiple channels of your app promotion. The best solution would be to go for every marketing strategy in the early stages of the app deployment. Since this is the only way to learn which channel brings best results and which ones don’t work for you.


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We’d also advise you to divide the marketing strategy into three stages: pre-launch campaign, launch campaign, and post-launch campaign. Decide in advance which marketing tools you’d use on every stage and make a marketing plan. It will never be an excessive measure.


Investigate thoroughly.


It might sound boring, but a proper market research really matters for the success of your app. The market analysis would give you the information about your competitors, their marketing strategy (if you would investigate deeply), the strengths and weaknesses of their apps.


Knowing your competitors’ pain areas, you can resolve them in your app. One sure-fire way to know these weaknesses is to read users’ reviews. These customers’ opinions can reveal insights into likes and dislikes of users about a particular feature of the app. Make the success where others have failed to do it.


In the end…


Building successful apps isn’t easy, but using them should be.


Apps are designed to make life easier for the users. If they struggle to figure out how to accomplish the action in your app, then they’re likely to abandon the use of it.


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You should remember, your app is competing with more than 2 mln apps in each app stores.


Before developing the app, consider these 3 tips we’ve covered above. They would definitely help you to build your road towards successful app.
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