How to Deal with Negative Reviews?

How to Deal with Negative Reviews?


It might be shattering when you see negative reviews to your app. Nevertheless, you should understand that they are not set in stone. There are various ways of how to deal with bad reviews and improve your rating on app stores.


Here we put together 5 tips that will help you to manage negative app reviews like a pro.




One of the ways to manage negative app reviews is to constantly watch out for them. It stands to reason that without monitoring your online presence, you would not know when bad app store reviews occur.




In most cases, users that leave negative reviews to your app, don’t pursue the objective to damage your app or the reputation. They barely want to share their opinion about the experience they’ve had with the app. It just happened, that if a user has had a bad experience they are more likely to share it with others.


Such ‘negative’ comments are really important, indeed. They give you the chance to learn what should be enhanced or improved in your app. This free direct feedback might help you to bring the app to the next level.




Always reply to negative reviews. There are several rules you’d better follow to master your responses on app stores:


• be precise: give a laconic respond with the direct address to the disclosed complaint;


• be polite: make empathy your best partner in the replies to negative reviews. The ability to share the feelings of the users will help you in the long view;


• be grateful: always thank the users for their feedback and appreciation.




Prompt response to negative reviews shows that you value the users’ opinion and care about it. Besides, it assists you in keeping the audience engaged.


Once a reported problem is solved, notify the user about it and ask them for review score update.




Updates to your app are a great way to reach out to those who have previously left a negative review. Since with their help, you’re offering a trigger to reevaluate your app.


But do not push the users back with lots of new updates with a single line: “bug fixing”. It would hardly help you. If doing it right, you would remind the users to change their previous bad rating.


In the end


While no one wants to get negative reviews, they sometimes happen. There are certain things you can do to deal with bad reviews and eliminate their influence on your app store position.


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Follow the above-mentioned tips and it would definitely help you on the way of limiting the damage.


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