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How to Hire Mobile App Developer? Part 2


We, at ElateSoftware who have built 60+ mobile apps and worked with clients across different industries, can tell you that it takes a while before a customer decides on the executive to whom outsource their mobile solution development. The choice of offshore developers might depend on different factors like preference, budget, and developer’s expertise (skill set).


The right partner can assist in more ways than just development, but they will also help to unite the client’s overall objectives and intended results. Thus, the selection procedure is the matter of importance.


Read on to learn how to find developers to outsource your app development and which criteria to look for.


Programming Skill Set


Our recommendation: never make a decision based on a price search. Going for least expensive developer don’t compromise the quality. Still, you should understand that there isn’t always clear dependency between the app development cost and the quality of a final solution.


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While choosing a mobile app development company, pay special attention to their expertise and experience. During the interview with your potential providers, ask them about their development skills (or request the developers’ CVs in advance) and their success across the market and industry where your business is.


It’s a good decision to choose an outsourcing company based not only on the technology skills of their developers but also on their ability to apply needful frameworks and tools to the needs of a certain business.


Communication and commitment


Today, when there are hundreds of outsourcing development companies between which to choose, quality of service and communication have become more important than price.


If the communication between you and the development team is well-tuned, you would feel almost like working in the same office. We go into more details about unchallenged communication in this blog post.


You would only benefit from the outsource company that constantly puts pressure on improving the development process and prioritizes retrospective meetings.


Comprehensive approach


Those outsourcing development agencies who can help you to design a business, not just an app, are significantly more valuable than those who just code.


What we mean by non-coding assistance is clearly, maintenance during and after the app launch, designing, assessment and reduction of risks at all stages of app development, after-sales and marketing service.


Still, don’t take us wrong. If you’re looking for the outsourced company to build the design for your app, it’s better to go for the agency that has an exact specialization in creating outstanding UX/UI interfaces.


All in all, the main point of these 2 blog posts was to assist you in finding the answer to the question: “How to find developers to outsource?”.


Our recommendation: never make a decision based on a quick Google search. And don’t simply choose the less expensive development agency. What you should pay attention to is the developers’ expertise, portfolio, and non-technical skills.


We hope these posts will help you make a choice of an outsourcing company that will suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the questions about the outsourcing of mobile app development.


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