How to Outsource Mobile App Development

How to Outsource Mobile App Development

How to Outsource Mobile App Development


It is an easy task to find an outsourcing development agency, it’s much harder to find the right one.
There is a bunch of mobile app development agencies that claim to have technical resources for developing on iOS, Android, or other required platforms. Still, technical expertise should not be the only criteria for choosing the outsource mobile app development agency.
Lets’ have a look at the stages you’d better go through if you want to hire the perfect fit to turn your vision into a successful finished mobile app.


1. Ask right questions


During the first call or contact with the development agency, most put forth such questions, like the project cost and timeline. This information is really important, still, it says a little about the development company itself.
It’s much better to go way more in depth than these issues. In addition to the common questions, we would rather advise you to ask the following ones:


  • Do you understand the vision of my app?
  • Have you worked with the clients in my industry?
  • Do you have the necessary skillset to develop my app?
  • Who would be the contact person in your agency?
  • What communication tools would we use during cooperation?

With the answers to these questions, you would already receive a clear understanding if the agency worth the money is asks.


2. Ask for the portfolio


Probably, agency’s portfolio is the first thing you would like to see while choosing the agency to outsource mobile app development. A professional and reputable agency will probably show you their finished projects even before you ask them about it. As long as the portfolio is by far the best way to show their expertise and competent solutions.

Pay special attention to the industries the agency has experience in working with, the types of problems they solve, the complexity of solutions they’ve faced. The agency’ portfolio is a good indication of what they can provide to you.


3. Discuss the confidentiality issue


Chances are that you will disclose sensitive ideas and information to the development agency. Thus, it won’t be an excessive request to enquire the signing of the documentation that would ensure the safety of this information.

We, at ElateSoftware, always offer our clients to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Hence, they would be legally ensured that their mobile app idea and other confidential information would not be used or shared with others.


4. Ask for a detailed project plan & set check-ins


It won’t be an excessive step to discuss the stages of your project implementation with the development agency. These stages will be the orienting points in determining the work progress over your app.

Otherwise, some agencies (just as ElateSoftware) offer the pricing model, when the client pay as each stage of mobile app development is completed.


5. Decide on unchallenged communication


Communication between the client and the development agency is crucial. The lack of it might bring to the misconception or even to the end of outsourced relations. The points you should pay attention to while hiring the development agency, are:

  • the language of communication. Usually, it is English. During the first contact make sure that there is no language barrier between you and the development team. Together with the agency’s expertise, the lack of language bar are the critical points when choosing the development team to work with;
  • communication channel. Enquire the channels by means of which you can freely contact the team. It might be phone or Skype. You can also ask for the communication channel like Jira, Planio or any other project management tool that the development team uses, to follow the workflow;
  • the time zone. While outsourcing the app development to another country or often to another continent, you will certainly face the time gap of working hours. You’d better decide on the schedule of feedback communication right at the beginning of your cooperation;
  • contact point. Inquire who will be the single person of contact for your queries, demands, and concerns.


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Final takeaway


Deciding who to partner with for your mobile app development is not easy. Choosing the wrong agency might result in project delay, poorly designed user experience and wasted budget. The choice isn’t easy, but a thorough research and investigation of the ‘perfect fit’ will pay off.

Going through the above-mentioned stages will give you a clear sense of the developers’ capabilities to fulfill your task.

With such a wise approach towards choosing the outsourcing company, you’re likely to find the perfect mobile app development agency. We, at ElateSoftware have a vast experience in working with the companies of different industries. And for many, we are that perfect mobile app developer.

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