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How much would I pay for App development?


One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve got asked is “How much would it cost to make an app?” Still, there is no the only possible answer. The price of a mobile app could range anywhere from $3,000 to $500,000. There is a bunch of factors that directly influence the cost: the app type and its functionality, the platform(s) you choose, the development agency itself and others.
Today, we would try to simplify your understanding of what average app development cost consists of. Let us examine it closely:


1.    Agency type / size


There are millions of “best app developers” who offer “best price”; and one might wonder what differs one agency from the other. Our answer would be EXPERIENCE. While choosing the developers to hire, pay special attention to their expertise in working with the industry and functionalities related to yours. It would be a guarantee that they have the required knowledge and engineered capabilities to create such application.
App development companies’ hourly rate, indeed, may differ widely depending on such factors, as company’s location, its size and the level of experience (do not confuse it with the company’s age).
The point to remember: higher price does not always mean better quality. The experience and the capabilities of software engineers does matter a lot.
Let’s take a look at the map of the average hourly rates for mobile development worldwide.

app development cost map



2.    Technical complexity


There is a direct dependence between the number of functions you want to realize in the app and its cost. The more features an app has, the more it costs. Nevertheless, the value of each is not equal, and some functions are more complex to develop than others:


Server-side and API integration


Coding on its own is relatively simple, while building an app infrastructure and integration of 3rd party API’s would increase the price of your app. Do I need it then? An API derives data from external sources. This is why you can implement payment features; add user authorization by means of Facebook, Google+ account; implement real-time chats in your app, and many other features.       


Data storage


Depending on the way you’d like to manage your app users, varies the price of its implementation. Do you want to develop a user authorization profile embedded straight in the app, i.e. develop a stand-alone app? Or do you want to let your users to login to your app through Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+ or another account?


Letting your users log in through 3rd party account (e.g. Facebook) is less expensive option. The negative side is that you don’t capture as much useful data about your users as you do with embedded authorization profile. Thus, you lose the information that can become very useful in tracking your customers; thus, lose the extra way to monetize your app.


Phone hardware usage


Today, smartphones are embedded with various hardware components, among which Bluetooth, GPS, barometers, compasses, NFC, etc. The implementation of the features based on these components may increase the development terms, hence, the app price. 


Innovative technologies


The more innovative the technology is and the less it been used before, the more you would pay for its implementation. For example, if you’re building an app similar to MSQRD (app based on AR technology that made a fuss in 2016) it would now cost you less, than it was for its original developers, but still not a penny. In the meantime, by improving the analog and adding even more features, the price might increase even twice.
Still, the more innovative techs you implement, the more return you receive from such investment.
It should be a great idea to analyze your competitor’s website and/or app and detach the functionality that will make you stand out. Thanks to this, you correctly decide on the functionality of your future mobile application.


3.    Design


Depending on the type/complexity of design you go for, your budget could vary greatly. Nevertheless, it is not a point you should cut costs. Customers buy with their eyes. Poor design causes poor engagement with the app.
If the navigation through the app is inconvenient, the buttons are designed unhandy and the user doesn’t want to use the app more and more, than they would refuse to interact with it. You lose the money paid for the app.


Design features that influence the mobile app development cost: navigation by the app, animations, orientation (horizontal and/or vertical), zoom/scale features, number of screens, customized interface/ mobile standard design elements, etc.



4.    Your Target Audience


The influence of this factor on the application development pricing might sound not so evident for the most. Indeed, such questions as “Where is my target audience from?”, “How old are they?”, etc. determine the choose of platforms for your future app that you’ll create first.
Collectively, 3 platforms dominate the app development market: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Indeed, the mobile platform war is predominantly held between two of them, iOS and Android:


pic., Mobiscroll

While planning an iOS app development, it should be preferably responsive to the iPhone model line starting with the 4th generation and up to the 7th one and iOS versions from iOS 6 up to iOS 10.


By comparison, Android platform has a much greater diversity in both devices and operating systems. According to the Statista’s research in October 2015, most used Android OS version is KitKat (4.4) with a share of 38,9%, second being Lollipop (5.0) – 15,6%, next are Jelly Bean (4.2.x) – 14,5%, Jelly Bean (4.1.x) – 11,4%, Lollipop (5.1) – 7,9%, Jelly Bean (4.3) – 4,3%, Gingerbread (2.3) – 3,8%, Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) – 3,4% and Froyo (2.2) – 0,2%.


The decision which platform to choose first for your future app could be a hard one. Be sure to have a thorough analysis of your target audience to make best of your budget.




In a Nutshell…


Of the factors covered in the article, the most influential determinant of an app cost is the functionality and the features implemented. The more features the app has, the longer the development terms are required. At the same time, one should not cut the factor of the dev. agency, i.e. its rate and development terms.


Note: Going for “top agency” with “the best price” be sure they walk the talk. Pay attention to their previous projects and experience in related industries. 


If you hesitate to start creating the app for your business by reason of it cost, maybe the article would help you to consider the factors and make best of your budget. 


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