What Should I Know Before Developing an App? [Infographic]

The Mobile App Market is big — and it’s not going to stop its growth.


According to respected statistics portal, there will be more than 268 million mobile apps downloaded in 2017. Those downloads, in turn, will be converted to more than $80 billion dollars in revenue for businesses. The point to remember is that apps are great marketing tools. That means that the revenue is generated not by the app’s downloads only, but how this app helps your business to present and stand out in the market.


For information on the type of apps people are using and trends in technologies for mobile apps, have a look at the infographic below.


Mobile app market
Some of the trends to watch out for in 2017 are an extensive application of AR/VR, AI and chatbots, the dominance of IoT, and reinforcement of location-based services. These trends are among the stimuli that will generate an additive revenue and profit for mobile app market all over the world.


If you are looking for the possibilities to grow your business in 2017, you should not miss developing a mobile app. Over 50% of your potential competitors are doing so. Thus, don’t miss the bus!



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