What Expect from iOS 11?


The iPhone 8 launch date is set up for September 19, which means that iOS 11 release date is less than in 2 weeks! We would say that the huge changes are coming for both the users and iOS app developers.


As for the experience we will receive from iOS 11 as common users, watch this video by GottaBeMobile:



The influence of a new OS version on the app development process and its new possibilities are at the center of world interest today.


We’ve highlighted the Big Five of new features for app developers that iOS 11 will bring to the light on September 19:


iOS 11 Design


To resume the changes that await the users of Apple devices, we would say that the design becomes bigger, bolder and more rounded.


The tendency towards user-friendly design and convenient navigation throughout the iPhone/ iPad is in the center. Larger titles and bigger pictures that we will see in iOS design are the indicators. They’re spreading to service apps like Apple Music, Home, Mail, Photos, and others.


what expect from ios 11


iOS 11 App Store


Apple has largely (or totally) redesigned the App Store vision. As of the iOS 11 release, separate tabs for Apps, Games and Today’s featured apps are created. Since already mentioned above, the design of the App Store would be identified by large app images, bold and big titles and much more big things.


what expect from ios 11


It’s not clear if it is a good news or bad one, as it’s not yet evident if such app store layout manages to display more or fewer apps (the 2nd one is more likely to happen)


App product page got redesigned too.


what expect from ios 11
With iOS 11, app’s subtitle appears below the app name. A subtitle can be up to 30 characters long. So far it’s not clear if a subtitle may or may not influence App Store Optimization. It would be interesting to test after the official OS release.


iOS 11 In-App Purchases


A completely new experience that is closely tied to the App Store. With iOS 11, the users can start in-app purchases directly from the App Store. In-app purchases will receive their own promotional images/screenshots and description lines.


What is a ‘win-win’ situation here is that the in-app purchases will be displayed in search results for new tabs ‘Today’, ‘Games’, and ‘Apps’ tabs. That means that more links to your app would be generated throughout the App Store.


iOS 11 Machine Learning


Apple has introduced machine learning in iOS 10 yet. Still, with iOS 11 it extends its functionality. With the help of advanced ML framework, the integration of ‘intelligent’ features into the app is becoming easier and faster.
Most exciting ML features for the app development are: face detection, object tracking, landmarks, text detection, barcode spotting, image registration and more.


iOS 11 Augmented Reality


This is the first and most exciting feature we’re waiting for, and the second of the two largest frameworks (after ML) in iOS 11.


ARKit by Apple will completely transform the AR experience the users have had before. In a month or so, an entirely new category of apps and games will be available for billion of iPhone and iPad users


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All in all, iOS 11 will be compatible with the following devices:

what expect from ios 11

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