what is arkit

What is ARKit?


Augmented reality isn’t a new technology, but it is what evokes a huge buzz in IT world today.


In large part because of the ARKit development platform, introduced by Apple at WWDC 2017. This kit officially goes live this autumn and it will allow the app developers to quickly and easily integrate AR experience into their apps and games.


What is ARKit by Apple?


Simply put, ARKit is the set of tools that allows the developers to not build their own augmented reality system from scratch, instead use Apple’s existing one.


It uses your iOS device’s camera and motion sensors to create some AR object.



The AR object get pinned to one point and it changes its scale and position depending on the angle of viewing.


A flat surface for displaying the object is found by ARKit automatically. It makes a huge difference between ARKit and other similar kits (eg: Google Tango). Before, in order to display an AR object, there was a need of an especial ‘tag’. Only with the use of it, a smartphone could compute the position of the object on the surface and build its AR perspective.


ikea ar catalog
IKEA catalog as ‘AR-tag’


ARKit makes it possible to ‘understand’ the position and the size of the object and ‘pin’ it without 3rd-party help.


What’s the point of ARKit?


The principle advantage of this framework is that it is self-sufficient. No additional devices or controllers are required to run the app with the ARKit. It would become widely available this autumn with the upcoming software update, iOS 11 and would embrace the following devices:


• iPhone 6s


• iPhone 6s +


• iPhone SE


• iPhone 7


• iPhone 7 +


• 7 iPad (2017)


• 7 iPad Pro


• 5 iPad Pro


• 9 iPad Pro


Within a few months, ARKit is opening an entirely new category of apps and games for billion of iPhone and iPad users.


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In spite of the fact that the official release of the ARKit takes place just this autumn, the app developers have started exploring the usage of new framework long ago.




It is quite clear that Augmented reality, and ARKit in particular, will soon change B2C image, and the same can be later said about B2B market. Retail business, e-commerce, and entertainment sector create a perfect base for AR apps to innovate people’s daily routine.


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