Electronic bank transfers VISA, MasterCard (CJSC “Alfa-Bank”)

Cards of the international payment systems VISA, MasterCard are accepted for payment.

The security in a payment operation is ensured through the modern verification methods, the encryption techniques and the data transmission via confidential channels. Entry of the card data is carried out on the protected authorized web page of the Bank. To make a payment it is necessary to enter the following card data: bank card number, name of a card holder, validity of a card (expiration date), card validation code (three-digit security code). The three-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA, CVC2 for MasterCard) is the 3 numerals kept on the back of a Card. If the Card supports the 3DSecure technology, you are redirected to the authorized web page of the bank that issued your card. The Information you provide (e.g., name, address, phone number, e-mail, bank card number, etc.) is private and kept in confidence. The card data is to be transmitted encrypted only and is not to be kept on the given web page.

Cards of the payment systems Visa International and MasterCard, belonging to all the types and banks, are accepted for payment. We strongly recommend you to apply to your bank in advance in order to make sure your card is appropriate for making payments through the Internet.

Possible reasons for rejection:
  • your card has insufficient funds;
  • the bank that had issued the card restricted online payments;
  • data entry time is expired;
  • you didn’t confirm the entered data on the gateway (on the payment page), data format error, etc.

Depending on a reason for denying the authorization, you may ask for support the Bank that issued the Card. In the case of failure to solve the issue, you are to retry payment using a card of any other Bank.


The connection of the System starts after the Client’s accession to the Public offering, as soon as the Provider receives the full payment. Afterwards, the technical department starts the implementation process according to the terms and conditions of the Public offering. 

After the act of subscription payment (payment for the connection), the Client is provided with the licence to use the Software according to the paid period. The payment made for a certain period is irreversible, but it is possible to renounce the automatic prolongation of the subscription and automatic payments. 

Purchase refund

Refund is available in the case of a mistaken payment, in the cases when a person who made a payment is not the Client and hadn’t intended to buy a service so it was paid by mistake but was not used. The Condition doesn’t apply to acts of prolongation of the subscription to the service.