iOS App Development

According to our research, 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps to websites. Working faster than their web alternatives, mobile applications increase customer loyalty, better convert prospects into customers, and ensure a high level of user interaction.

Our clients often order iOS application development services. iOS applications for iPhone and iPad devices guarantee you high security, outstanding performance, and extended support of the system provider.


Our iOS App Development Software Domains


At ElateSoftware, we know exactly how to develop iOS apps! Our professional mobile application developers provide solutions for the following domains:

Internet of Things (IoT)

We develop custom iOS IoT apps that unite remote devices into powerful ecosystems for end-to-end user data monitoring and control. Thanks to the IoT, users can control the work of the connected devices (like blocking car engine in case of theft or switching off faulty equipment) regardless of their location.

Additionally, users can set up automatic performing of certain actions by the connected devices. That is, each device will be able to adjust to the assigned tasks (like optimizing power system to the current weather, switch off unused power consumers, etc.).


We create top-notch iOS ecommerce apps that ensure seamless online purchasing and browsing experience for users. By making purchases from a brand fast and simple from their smartphones, customers become loyal to this brand.

Our clients, on the other hand, can benefit from a quick app performance that just adds to the overall user experience. In contrast with websites, iOS ecommerce apps don’t require the internet connection to provide such content as product feature comparison, price check, etc. Instead, they harness the whole power of the device. This makes ecommerce apps an effective solution for various industries, from fashion to sports.    

Booking & delivery

We are ready to provide you with the efficient booking & delivery solutions that will make your customers’ daily activities quick and simple. Such activities as, say, ordering food and items, booking event and travel tickets become easier than before. Users save time on going shopping and can make payments securely.

On top of all that, provide 24/7 live support services to make your iOS delivery app outstanding!

Social networks & messengers

Our distributed team develops cutting-edge iOS social apps for instant messaging. Let users communicate with each other in real time, anywhere in the world, faster than emails! Whether this is an internal business communication or just a casual messaging, social apps perfectly fit any context.

For you, we will equip your iOS social app with any additional features required: group chats, video and voice conversations, and more!


iOS App Testing

App defects result in negative user feedback, which might seriously affect your reputation. With this in mind, our team of skilled QA experts performs comprehensive iOS app testing throughout the entire development cycle.

Our testing services include: iOS automation testing, iOS UI testing, iOS app beta testing, etc.

iOS App Design

Good design is what makes your mobile app user-friendly and brings users high-quality experience. We are ready to offer iOS design services based on your business goals.

When developing iOS UI design, we thoroughly analyze the design strategy of your competitors to make your app best in class. We create a seamless user journey considering the behavior, needs, and expectations of your target audience.


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