Mobile App Development in Europe: A Look Ahead

Mobile App Development in Europe: A Look Ahead

The mobile software market develops at a tremendous pace bringing end users innovative solutions.  

Today will conduct a brief overview of the future perspectives of the European mobile software market. The article will be particularly useful for mobile software developers thinking about relocation.


Mobile App Development Companies in Europe: Projections

We will highlight the top trends as at the end of 2018.  

Best Trends for Mobile Development Companies in Europe

One of the most important trends that will arguably shape the future of the European mobile technology market is enterprise mobile software.

In the last few years, companies from all over the globe demonstrated an increased interest in corporate mobile solutions. Those are the systems designed to improve the interaction between employees and optimize corporate environment.

Most importantly, enterprise mobile applications facilitate the work of remote employees, which increases the overall staff productivity.   

Another important trend is mobile payment solutions that will keep growing. According to the most ambitious projections, they will eventually oust the traditional means of payment. 

No wonder that users prefer mobile payments over other types. Mobile payments guarantee high transparency and security.

What about connected devices? No doubt, they will also keep pace. The same goes for hands-free devices connected to the corresponding mobile app. Those include digital watches, fitness bracelets, medical equipment, etc. 

Of course, the near future will bring us new UX developments, AR and VR innovations, and advanced security tools in the mobile software domain. Excited? We definitely are!

From technology projections to the geographical side of the issue. Let us find out which European countries and cities will suit mobile software engineers best. 

Best European Countries for Mobile Software Engineers

We studied multiple resources and came to the conclusion that the following countries will definitely be the best choice for mobile developers:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Ukraine;
  • Poland;
  • Belarus;
  • Germany.

So what are the reasons that make these regions appealing?

First, this is education. The modern university system puts a great emphasis on science and engineering. The affordability of education in monetary terms leads to a high number of a skilled labor force in these regions.  

Secondly, this is language proficiency. Since English already became a worldwide speaking standard, its usage ensures smooth and efficient communication between customers and their offshore vendors. 

However poetically it sounds, the next reason is innovation potential. For instance, the Belarusian developers the Google HashCode contest in 2016, while the developers from Ukraine have recently delivered the cutting-edge solution for Google and Snapchat.  

Best European Cities for Mobile Software Engineers

Lastly, we will consider which European cities are the most prospective for mobile developers. Basically, these are the ones located in the above countries, mainly their capitals:

  • London;
  • Manchester;
  • Kiev;
  • Warsaw;
  • Wroclaw;
  • Berlin;   
  • Minsk.

Bottom Line 

The modern tendencies of the mobile software market prove that it will keep growing in scope and innovation potential. This makes one wonder what the future will bring this domain. 

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