Why Outsourcing to Belarus is a Good Idea?

Why Outsourcing to Belarus is a Good Idea?

Today, we experience an increasing interest towards the developers from Belarus. Why does it happen?

Once, we entered the mobile era, every company has ended up with the need to create a software solution for their business. Following this scope, they often attract remote teams for mobile app development. Since each business strives for better conditions with minimized expenditures; it pays to turn to software developers from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Today, we experience an increasing interest towards the developers from Belarus. Why does it happen?

Let’s have a look at the situation on the part of the facts and figures:

  • in September 2012, Belarus became one of the Top 30 countries in the world in providing offshore software development services for foreign customers;
  • over the past 10 years, Belarusian software export has grown about 20% per year;
  • Today, the IT sector in Belarus comprises more than 30 000 qualified programmers occupied in software development, apps, and website creation;
  • 900 000 000 people in 160 countries use mobile applications developed in Belarus;
  • according to Belarus Hi-Tech Park, Belarusian software companies delivered their service to the customers from 67 countries in 2016. 49.1% of the exports account for Western Europe, and 43.2% – for the USA;
  • Belarusian IT companies are recognized by the Software Magazine’s ‘Software 500 ranking’ and the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as the Global Outsourcing 100 companies.


Some more facts:

  • Qualified resources. Within the USSR times, Belarus was considered the Soviet Silicon Valley and supplied 60% of the USSR demand for computer production. Today, the Wall Street Journal calls Belarus a Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. Every year, 58 universities graduate 3,500 – 4,000 software engineers with majors in Computer Science and other IT-related disciplines. Moreover, unlike their counterparts from Asia, many Belarusian developers speak fluent English.
  • Worldwide recognition. The country’s potential is recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Gartner, VentureBeat, Software Magazine, TechCrunch and others.
  • Belarusian developers and students are famous for winning awards at international competitions and championships: Facebook Hacker Cup, the Google Code Jam, ACM ICPC, 6 consecutive gold medals in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).
  • Favorable domestic policy. Tech talent pool and state policy of supporting software companies made Belarus one of the major IT outsourcing destinations. Since 2005, the software industry became one of the top priority of a country’s economic development. The Belarusian governmental policy towards software companies is oriented on the facility of taxation system and IT job market expansion.
  • Price efficiency. Pricing on mobile app development depends on a variety of factors, including project complexity (i.e. functionality), time limits, and more.
  • Still, developer rates in Belarus are among the lowest in Europe, and considerably score in price their US colleagues. Contact us to get an idea of our development rates.

    Successful Belarusian projects.

Belarus is development homeland to such internationally acclaimed projects, as:

– Viber, popular messaging service;

– World of Tanks, multiplayer online game;

– MSQRD, face-swapping mobile app;

– Tap2pay app, payment service for messengers;

– Maps.me, an offline map with navigation, etc.

Today, many companies are interested in a mobile app for their business, take advantage of app development outsourcing to Eastern Europe and cooperating with the developers from Belarus in particular. The Belarusian IT industry is known for high-end software services that require comparatively low cost and still highly professional development skills.

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