How long would it take to make an app?

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There are 2 common questions that we often come across while growing in the mobile space:

  • How much would I pay for mobile app development?
  • How long would it take to develop an application?

About the factors that influence the app development cost, you can read in our previous post.

App development time frame is affected by lots of factors: the app type, its complexity, desired functionality, design creation and more. The same as for the app cost, there is no one and only possible time needed for app development. The duration time may vary anywhere from 1 month to a year!

Overall, the customers should understand that the project timeframe largely depends on the business objectives of the app. Your business goals, your target audience, company’s needs determine the functionality of the future application. Thus, the initial stage of the development – envisioning, is vital, as it determines the further development flow, its timeframe and cost.

Among the critical parameters that define the mobile app development time are the complexity of the features (e.g., integration of AR/VR), the operating systems on which the app will be launched (iOS, Android or both), and the type of devices it needs to run (e.g., mobile, tablet, watch and smart TV). There is one interdependence: the more features, the more OSs and the more devices, the longer the timeline.

As you can see, there is a variety of factors involved in determining the time it takes to develop a mobile app. To understand how long it takes to build your own mobile solution, request a free estimation today.