How to make money from a application?


How to make money from a free application

Now the sphere of mobile applications is developing actively and becomes an excellent assistant in business since it stimulates sales growth, increases customer loyalty, and also brand recognition. However, for an application to make money, you need a monetization strategy, which you should to think about in advance. Below you will learn about several strategies.

1. Advertising

Users like when the application is free, but that does not mean that it can not generate revenue. There are two ways:

1. You are looking for advertisers and offering them cooperation. For a fee they will place advertising banners in your application.

2. Free version of the application will include advertising banners that can displease a number of users, so as an alternative, you can offer a paid version of the application without intrusive advertising. The main thing is that the application has a thought through design, an intuitive interface and leaves a pleasant impression for customers after using. However, when choosing this strategy, it should be kept in mind that there will always be dissatisfied users who because of advertisements will give negative feedback.

2. Freemium

This strategy means that users download free application with a limited number of functions. The user must pay for the use of other functions. When choosing this strategy, it is important not to overdo it with removing functions, however, it is impossible to leave almost all functions free – it is necessary to find a balance. The main thing to remember is that users who use the free version of the application are important, as they increase the recognition of your brand.

Pros of strategy:

– suitable for different types of applications;

– if the user was satisfied with the free version, then he most likely downloads paid version;

– if the user downloaded the paid version then the probability of rejecting is much less than the free version.

Cons of strategy:

– it is necessary to clearly delineate what users are willing to pay money for and what not.

3. In-app purchases

This strategy means that the user makes purchases without leaving the application. This approach is often used in mobile games, when the user is paying for skipping a level or getting a hint.

Pros of strategy:

– suitable for all types of applications;

– can be combined with Freemium strategy.

Cons of strategy:

– it is necessary to clearly understand what users are willing to pay money for and what not.

4. Subscription

User downloads free application, logs into it and selects paid subscription to the application resources. Usually, these are applications with music, e-books and movies. When using this strategy, it is important to remember that your content should be interesting and the cost of subscription is optimal for the user.

5. Trial

A strategy that allows users to work with a free version of the application for a limited amount of time. Trial time you configure yourself, usually this is 10 to 30 days. After this time, the application will be available for a fee.


A free application can bring you revenue. The main thing to consider when choosing strategy of monetization is to remember that for the convenience of the application is very important for the user. If it is overloaded with advertising or its functionality in the free version is minimal, then most likely the user will refuse it and give preference to applications of competitors with similar functionality.