More About ElateSoftware

We are a team of experts, which united desire to create qualitative products for our clients.

Communication with the client 24/7

Keeping customer feedback allows us to more clearly define needs and make the development process transparent.

Work with no down payment

We work on the result. Payment is made only after project implementation.

Technical Support

We offer technical supporting for 3 months after the release of the application.

ElateSoftware is a young, but dynamically and fast developing company with using only actual technologies.

High-quality of work


Mobile apps development for iOS and Android, web apps development, UI/UX design creation and full types of software testing - our primary activities.

Employee Specialists

Our company employs specialists with a high level of intelligence. Their intellect is the result of personal effort. They are confident that knowledge and experience affect the quality of work.

Clearly Processes


All processes and roles in the company are clearly defined. Everyone in this process gets their tasks. This model optimizes workflow, where everyone does only their work perfectly.

Benevolent Environment


We believe that a benevolent work environment is much more effective than any other form of management. Therefore, the management style in the company is a combination of management decisions with a human face

Express Our Ideas

Despite the fact that communication between technical staff and customers is minimized, if it is necessary, the developers can offer their own solutions, express his ideas and influence business decisions.

Tracking of IT-trends


Constant tracking of IT-trends, introduction new technologies into the workflow and coordination with customers of all the specificity of the project always affect positively on the overall workflow of the team.