Guide to eCommerce mobile app


In 2017, most demanded apps would be less about controlling a bird, flying between the rows of green pipes, and more about offering a highly personalized and interactive engagement with customers.

Today’s technologies and a huge diversity of possibilities for the businesses of different size favorably influence the eCommerce development. Every year, more and more people lean toward their gadgets, particularly to mobile apps, while shopping: The most striking fact is that even though 33% of mobile sales are made via an app, only 10% of retailers actually offer one to their customers!

Why do you need a mobile app for your eCommerce business?

Be visible to your customers 24/7

Ever since your customer installs your app, you establish a non-stop contact with them. Use customer support chat, push notifications, chat bots and more to integrate with customers and offer exclusive communication with them.

Extra marketing and trading instrument

Offline stores have little to do with customer’s persuasion to buy something (at least, if you don’t want to sound intrusive). With a mobile app, your opportunities are broaden. Through the app, you can send personalized messages based on the purchase history of your customers. Engage customers during special events and holidays and receive double involvement. For instance, during Thanksgiving season in the USA the retailers reported a record $771 mln in revenue from mobile devices.

Offer additional functionality to the customers

Your business can make use of all the mobile device features, i.e.:

  • Camera (might be used for QR code reading or virtual fitting room);
  • GPS (make it easy for the customers to find you: accompany your customers on their way to your store with geo-location functionality);
  • Microphone (offer your customers the possibility to search for the product using voice recognition);
  • Calendar (synchronize the days of sale right into the user’s smartphone calendar), etc.

Boost sales

The mobile app allows your customers to quickly place orders, book product/service and buy they from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. Per Criteo, in the first half of 2016, top U.S. retailers saw their mobile sales grow 30% year-over-year, culminating in 52% of all eCommerce transactions.

Deep analytics

Trace the behavior of your customers inside the app. Get the information about the pages they visit, the products they are interested in, the purchases they make, etc. This data allows you, firstly, to improve mobile app shopping experience, secondly, compose highly personalized messages based on the retrieved information. What do you need to consider while developing a mobile app for your eCommerce business? For all the benefits your business receives with eCommerce mobile app, it’s vital to make the best of it. If user experience was not engaging from the very beginning, they would reject the further interaction with it. Your app should include key features that coincide with customer needs and preferences, building a strong interconnection between the retailer and the customer.

Before you dive into building an eCommerce mobile app, there are several points you need to consider:

  • App’s performance. Not overwhelm an app with diverse features. The mobile shopping app should not be the clone of your online store but absorb only the most important functionality. Think about what your customers want.
  • Secure data collection. Since one of the most used shopping app features is to buy product/service directly inside it, you should consider the storage of sensitive credit card information. The so-called, payment gateway that encrypts customers’ credit card data, should be extra secure and reliable.
  • When designing the user interface (UI) you should consider two principle issues. The first one is the screen size of mobile devices. Pay special attention that the designers who are working on your app developing bother about the most successful visual demonstration of the product/service and make them stand out. The second one, is that you should design the app so that it is as user-friendly as it’s possible, and what is even more important, the buying process is easy and comprehensible.

Mobile eCommerce offers huge potential to boost your business. With smart match of your customers’ needs with shopping app functionality, you create an incredibly valuable interconnection between the audience and the brand. Despite the fact, that there are already hundreds of apps, there is still time and opportunities for your business to stand out.

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