Must-have features for mobile app


Do you think your business is big enough to get along without a mobile app?

Or, you rather consider your business to be too small to benefit from the app?

No way!

Apps offer an extra value to the companies: increase revenues, enhance customers’ experience, and raise brand visibility. Still, there are a lot of pitfalls. The app is not a guarantee of your business growth. What would be the guarantee? The functionality you’d offer in the app and the experience you build with the users. Whether you own a shop or a restaurant, offer taxi service or any other service, you can make additional value to the company with the mobile app. In this post, we would cover the features that would do most of the mobile app for service company. Let’s bring to the light ‘how’.

Mobile payment capability

For a company that sales services or products, the prospect of having mobile payment capability is a leap forward. The number of in-store mobile payment users in the U.S. is predicted to reach 150 million by the end of 2020 — which will represent 56% of the consumer population at that time.

People want the payment experience to be simple and on demand. Mobile payments give it to them. How to integrate the feature: You can actually do it in several ways. Among the most popular ones:

  • Mobile wallet. The most widespread one. This method implies the input of your payment data inside the app. Very similar to the online shop checking-out process. The 4 biggest names in the mobile wallet field are PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • QR-code. Mobile payment system, where a user scans a code with their smartphone camera to unlock the payment information and complete a transaction. This contactless payment method is becoming very popular in service industry. Especially in restaurants, galleries, museums and so on.
  • NFC – proximity method of payment that has recently become a buzz word. With such a method a customer should simply put their smartphone close to a NFC reader to make a purchase. NFC becomes popular in taxi service, but it is not yet widespread due to device and operating system limitations.

What the users get: instant and cashless payments, personalized shopping experience, lesser fees per transaction (not always).

What the business gets: sales increase, tracking shopping behavior (thus, understanding of customers’ demand patterns).


Geo-targeting allows you to target a user whenever they use their smartphone. You can take advantage of this by sending the content that is personalized to their current location or brand interaction history. They do it by means of notifications.

How to integrate the feature: Again, there are several options.

  • Beacons – Bluetooth working devices. The objects are placed in the desired location. They trigger messages to the users, as they move into their range. The Bluetooth feature means that beacons can work well for marketing and advertising campaigns even when the user has no WiFi or mobile internet connection.
  • NFC. Besides reach mobile payment capabilities, NFC can be used either for advertising campaigns. Still, a big limitation here is that it doesn’t work with Apple devices (i.e. Android only).
  • WiFi and GPS dependence. Provide accurate location information about your company location anytime and anywhere. Make it easy for the customers to find your store, and reward them when they arrive.

What the users get: personalized messages instant delivery, direct and targeted approach, exclusive offers sent in the Internet mode-off.

What the business gets: deep analytics of customers’ interaction history, promotions are tailored with exact precision and time, improved app retention rate, reduction in ads expenses.

Loyalty program

Service industry is the field where you can expand a vast loyalty campaign.

Statista’s survey of 2015 says that 37% customers use mobile apps to search for discounts. And, 26% customers use the app for earning the loyalty points.

Since loyalty program in mobile apps is all automated, it can be turned on and off anytime. Besides, it is a smarter solution to the old paper loyalty cards.

What the users get: customer feels more appreciated and valued, they receive extra value being part of your mobile business.

What the business gets: engagement and revenue increase, expanded number of possible coupons and sales with cut expenses.

Interaction with the users

When a customer experiences an issue or wants to have an answer on the question about your service, it is vital to have a channel of quick contact with the brand. Adding interaction components to the app gives customers a direct access to your brand by not forcing them to leave the app to contact you.

How to integrate the feature:

  • in-app messages. They are the messages that a user receives while in the app. With this type of interaction, you can inform the users about the fulfillment of certain actions, as well as offer extra functionality.
  • push-notifications. Unlike in-app messages, users receive push notifications when they’re outside of the app. This type of contact is well applied for the promoting messages, like sales, Birthday coupons, buy callings and more. The difference between in-app messages and push-notifications
  • n-app FAQ. If your business already has a big audience and a sufficient number of orders, you can be overwhelmed with the bulk of similar questions. Give the users prepared in advance responses by means of FAQ list.
  • ocial networks integration. You can prompt the communication with the users through Facebook chat or Twitter messages. Besides, you raise either your social network audience.

What the users get: engagement with the brand, customer feels valued for in-time feedback.

What the business gets: engagement increase, users’ feedback on the company’s work.

Make your service app matter

Whether you’re a transportation service owner looking to increase customer loyalty and retention, or you’re a hotel owner – the above features are a must to include into your app.

For your service mobile app to succeed in your competitive niche, it needs the features that would bring value to the users. Bring your business forward with highly personalized push-notification, GPS-enabled coupons, and reward points. Offer seamless mobile payment and contact options.

Ever since a user finds the value, they’ve been looking for a long, in your app, your business skims the cream off. Offer the customers a convenient interaction with your service and leverage multiple gains from it too.

Have an idea? Contact ElateSoftware team to rocket the market with an outstanding mobile app for your service company.