Happy Pregnancy



A woman’s wellness and constant psychological support from closed ones and specialists is what is really important for a happy pregnancy. Our client, a well-known blogger and coach, decided to share her knowledge and help girls gain confidence in child-birth.


To develop native iOS and Android mobile apps related to medical theme, that can help users to take control of their health, learn more useful information and control their vital statistics.



Contractions Timer

Qualified doctors compiled an algorithm through which the mom-to-be can understand what type of contractions (false or real) she has and whether it is worth preparing for childbirth. When measuring contractions and determining the real contractions, it is proposed to collect all the necessary things to be used in hospital, a list of which is offered in the application.

Graph of Weight Changes and Other Indicators

The user constantly fills in information about his health, monitors deviations from standard indicators and sees the dynamics of changes in his weight and baby’s. Also in the application you can find tips on nutrition during pregnancy, physical education and childbirth.

Foetus Evolution Information

In the foetus development calendar, you can observe useful information about the development of the baby, read tips, in addition, future parents can choose a name for the baby.

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