The app is for learning irregular verbs of the English language. Users can train their pronunciation, do exercises and track their progress, as well as to play a game to test their knowledge.


Studies show that more than half of the mistakes made by students of English relate to the usage of irregular verbs. Our client decided to create an application that will make it easier to learn irregular verbs. To hook the audience, it was decided to implement an interactive and fun game into an application.



Function of Pronunciation

Many people who study English are uncomfortable with their accent and shy away from speaking. We addressed this issue by adding a pronunciation trainer feature to the app. A user listens to the words spoken by native speakers and repeats after them. A user’s voice is then recorded and played back to him. This enables them to learn what they are doing wrong and correct their mistakes.


The user can create a list of words they didn’t manage to memorize the first time and highlight them in different colors.

Interactive Game

To add an element of fun into the learning process, we added a game to the application, which allows the user to play and study at the same time.

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