Let Me Park



Have you noticed how time-consuming and frustrating it sometimes is to simply park a car? A Spanish company that approached us surely did. They had an the idea of a parking application that would eliminate this issue for drivers.


Our task was to develop an application to monitor parking conditions and find the nearest parking.




To enable user to quickly find the nearest parking space, we decided to determine their current location. A user simply enters into the application and sees the closest parking spots on the map.

Online Payment Services

For many drivers paying for the parking lot is time-consuming. To address this issue, we built a payment system into the application. Now user can register their credit card and license plate number into the application. When they drive into a parking lot, f camera t records the license plate and time of parking. When the user drives out from the parking lot, they are automatically charged for parking and pay via the credit card tied to their account.

Online Booking

Another common parking issue is the lack of free parking spaces. Therefore, to reduce the time spent on searching for an available spot, we added an online booking feature to the application. User finds a parking lot they space, selects an empty spot and books it.

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