Cross-platform Development


Cross-platform application development is becoming more and more popular day by day. A distinctive feature of this development is that such an applications work equally well on IOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

The main advantages of cross-platform development:

  • lower operating costs;
  • lower development cost;
  • short application development time;
  • affordable cloud integration.



Our Cross-Platform App Development Software Domains


At ElateSoftware, we know exactly how to develop cross-platform apps! Our professional developers provide solutions for the following domains:

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are developing cross-platform IoT applications for all OSs that allow you to control devices remotely (for example, following-up your sports achievements, monitoring the work of home appliances and etc.) regardless of their location. In addition, users can schedule or automate certain device activities.


3 out of 4 users, using smartphones, prefer to make purchases through mobile applications. The existence of an application for the sale of their goods or services optimizes business processes, establishes communication with users, creates an additional way to notify about discounts and increases the loyalty of current customers. The advantage is the ability to run the application without an Internet connection.

We have successfully implemented projects in the field of electronic commerce and we are ready to offer you the best solutions, taking into account the characteristics of your market and the uniqueness of your product.

Booking & delivery

We are developing cross-platform applications in the such domain as Delivery and Booking. Now it has become an everyday action in the life of every person, so the relevance of such projects is only growing. This application is a great way to increase sales at times and get great profits.

The main purpose is to make the application as efficient and user-friendly as possible for placing orders and we are glad to undertake such tasks.

Social networks & messengers

Let's give users the opportunity to communicate in real time, regardless of where they are, always be online and exchange news from their lives - this is so important in a socially oriented society.

We are positive that making a bright and enjoyable cross-platform application is an excellent commercial project, which we are ready to implement with our entire qualified team.


Cross-platform App Testing


Throughout the entire application development cycle, our team tests the entire functionality of the application - this is important for a full and positive communication of the application with users. 

Search and troubleshooting improves project performance and enhances user loyalty.

Cross-platform App Design


Creating an intuitive and friendly interface is the main task of our UI / UX designers who can successfully cope with any task . 

Preserving the corporate identity and unique colors of the company is an important part of the implementation of a successful design.


Key Technology Competence

For the development of hybrid applications, the Xamarin framework is used. It supports the following mobile OS: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. Its level of nativeness is high, but it works on hardware at the level of native applications.

Applications are written by C# developers. At the same time, constant updates and testing of Xamarin make the platform even more convenient and easy to use, which as a result saves developers time and brings the project closer to readiness faster than usual.


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